Half An Hour From Paris

Many guides claim to be for and by insiders, but this one truly is. Annabel Simms—living in Paris since 1991—delights in exploring the Paris countryside by train and sharing  ideas with her friends for discovering little-known travel gems. Her previous book “An Hour from Paris” is a popular go-to classic enjoyed by a generation of expats and seasoned Paris visitors. Continue reading “Half An Hour From Paris”

No Ordinary Season

James Jacobs’ debut novel “No Ordinary Season” revisits life in small town America. A first impression could be this is just another coming of age book. It is much more than that. Appearing a century after Sinclair Lewis’ iconic “Main Street,” Jacobs’ book, situated in the fictional town of River Bend, Indiana, portrays a town with some of the provincial attitudes and prejudices of Lewis’ day. Continue reading “No Ordinary Season”

Carolyn Carlson, Drawing Now

Carolyn Carlson, And the loneliness, 1995, encre de Chine

Drawing Now or le Salon du Dessin Contemporain — with approximately 72 galleries showing 400 artists— is a Paris art fair focusing on contemporary drawing (March 26-29). For the 2020 fair, the Isabelle Gounod Gallery presents drawings by Carolyn Carlson accompanied by works from Sophie Kitching (UK/FR) and Leslie Smith III (USA). Continue reading “Carolyn Carlson, Drawing Now”

Paris Valentine with the Midas Touch

Okay, fellas, it’s time to think about making an impression on Valentine’s Day. You can do like every other guy in town and take the love of your life flowers. Or, you can score lots of  points by offering her a gift of the gods that’s 18 karat gold. In Paris, prices range from a couple of hundred Euros for a modest bauble from Tati’s “fine jewelry” boutique, to two or three  times that at Galeries Lafayette, or maybe 50 times that for the Cartier dream. Continue reading “Paris Valentine with the Midas Touch”

Nils-Udo’s Black Bamboo 

“Black Bamboo”

“Black Bamboo” is the title of artist Nils-Udo’s monumental installation temporarily occupying two floors at the Fondation EDF in Paris (until Feb 02, 2020). Since the artist’s work is usually seen outdoors, often times in remote areas, this is a rare opportunity to see his work indoors in an urban setting… and it only costs the price of a metro ticket (if you are already in Paris). Continue reading “Nils-Udo’s Black Bamboo “

Cuban Posters Revisited in Paris

Alfredo Rostgaard, 1969, courtesy MAD, Paris

The Musée des Arts Décoratifs exhibition Affiches cubaines: révolution et cinéma, 1959-2019 (Cuban Posters: Revolution and Cinema, 1959-2019) looks at Cuban poster design with a focus on the golden era of the 1960s and 1970s. This exhibition is a rare look at a group of artists who created a unique approach to poster design and also a chance to revisit the Cuban political and cultural context for the work (to February 02, 2020).  Continue reading “Cuban Posters Revisited in Paris”

Degas at the Opera

For the Paris Opera’s 350th anniversary the Musée d’Orsay features the exhibition ‘Degas at the Opera,’ co-organized with the National Gallery of Art in Washington DCs, showing paintings, drawings, sculptures and pastels by the artist, including iconic works such as The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer, Foyer de la Danse or La Loge  (to January 19, 2020). Continue reading “Degas at the Opera”