Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris

Unlock the secrets of Paris’s charm with “The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris,” a handy visual guidebook written by veteran Paris journalist Ruby Boukabou. Learn the history of the city’s most famous landmarks, grasp their fascinating details and discover dozens of lesser known architectural gems.

Whether you are a Paris regular or visiting for the first time, this guide will help you understand how the city acquired its unique and beautiful design palette and recommend ways to experience it more fully with self-guided walking tours and suggestions of some of the best hotels, restaurants, cafés, churches, parks and more. You’ll also discover ancient Roman baths, seventeenth century mansions, Art Deco theaters, contemporary cultural complexes and find out where to kick back, cocktail or mock-tail in hand, with a panoramic view over the capital.

Written by part-time Parisian Ruby Boukabou— author of “The Art Lover’s Guide to Paris” —this book is the perfect companion for anybody intrigued by Paris’s seductive magic.

The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris (Ruby Boukabou,White Owl Books). Available worldwide. Online orders and more info