My Little Paris

Spending time in Paris is like being in the biggest and best sweetie shop in the world.  You want to try that, that, oh! And that! With so much to do, the dilemma is where to start.  Of course there’s the über tourist stuff like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, yawn, but don’t you get the feeling that you’re missing out?  That a secret world of chic Parisian life is passing you by?

Well, the bad news is: you’re right.  The good news is: there’s help for your problem. Continue reading “My Little Paris”

E-Dehillerin, Paris’ Aladdin’s Cave for Chefs

The discreet, green façade of the store makes no effort to pull in a crowd and some of the cooking implements in the window look tired.  Yet if the light catches in just the right way, you might spot a gleam of copper through the open door.  If you have a food-loving bone in your body, you’ll feel a flutter of excitement and decide that this unassuming place merits a look. Continue reading “E-Dehillerin, Paris’ Aladdin’s Cave for Chefs”

Jill Colonna, ‘Mad About Macarons’

Think Paris, think pâtisserie.  Few visitors can resist the buttery crumbs of a croissant, the sweet tang of strawberry tart or the sugary puff of a chouquette. But of all the treats lining the pâtisserie wall, the macaron is the fairest of them all. Said to have been the preferred treat of Louis XIV, this brightly-coloured morsel still inspires reverence in the court of Paris foodies.  It matters little whether you swoon for Ladurée’s offerings on the Champs Elysées or prefer Pierre Hermé’s creations south of the Seine; once you’ve tasted a good macaron a pleasant addiction is only a matter of time. Continue reading “Jill Colonna, ‘Mad About Macarons’”