Irina Brook’s “Temptête!” Lite

“Tempête!” © Patrick Lazic

Shakespeare imagined many famous families but the odd foursome bound to its lonely island in “The Tempest” is not one of them. Between Ariel and Caliban, Miranda and Prospero, there are no few barriers to love or even friendship, beginning with the master-slave dynamic which colors their relations and which has come to define them in readings of the text over the last 50 years.  Continue reading “Irina Brook’s “Temptête!” Lite”

Marcel Marceau Remembered

Marcel Marceau DR

The world famous French mime Marcel Marceau died Saturday at the age of 84.  In homage to “Mr Mime” we rerun an interview he gave to Molly Grogan  and Parisvoice in 1997…

Last year, Marcel Marceau celebrated the 50th anniversary of his internationally known and loved character Bip and  this year marks the 20th anniversary of his school, the Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame. On the occasion of these milestones, in an interview with The Voice, Marceau had much to say  in fluent English  on topics ranging from his training and early years as a mime to  the influence of Charlie Chaplin on his work and his 300-performance-a-year schedule (never mind that he is 75 years old), both solo and with his Nouvelle Compagnie de Mime Marcel Marceau. Continue reading “Marcel Marceau Remembered”