Carla Coulson’s “Paris Tango”

ImageCarla Coulson’s “Paris Tango” is a journey into the heart of Paris, through evocative photographs and interviews… Paris Tango offers a contemporary look at Paris,  through the eyes of Australian photographer and writer Carla Coulson. The book takes us on a personal journey into the heart of the city; from an insider’s take on her local neighbourhood, the vibrant Marais and behind-the-scenes at the Moulin Rouge to the contemporary artists, couturiers and perfumers who continue upholding the legacy of Paris’s reputation as being at the cutting edge of style

Coulson interviews the gatekeepers of all things French, including:  couture genius Francois Lesage; renowned florist Djordje Varda; lingerie high priestess Chantal Thomass; and architect Renzo Piano. She also introduces her readers to Parisian locals such as her salsa teacher, landlady and boulanger. Her intimate photographs and evocative writing create an unforgettable, yet very personal portrait of a city that never fails to inspire.


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