French Digestifs

Uncorking the mysteries

Image You know the scene: after finishing a great French meal, you’re feeling a little tipsy and definitely very full. You find yourself being offered more to drink. This time, the bottles your host opens bear mysterious labels: Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, Eau de Vie, Crême, Genepy, Cointreau,. What is in those bottles?  Why are they only served after dinner?  Known as digestifs, these French after-dinner drinks are served after a meal because that is when your stomach is full enough to handle their high alcohol content (at least 35%)! Continue reading “French Digestifs”

Paris’Back Street Disquaires

OCD © Neil Atherton

Crackly vinyl is making a comeback… 
There’s more to music shopping than just paying for an album – it’s a lifestyle. High street record stores will never be able to buy identity or attitude. That’s why right now, second-hand CD shops and specialist boutiques are the places to hang out at. And even good old crackly vinyl is making a comeback. So where better to hunt for these authentic sounds than Paris’ back street disquaires, where knowledge, personality and individual music-lovers rule supreme. In these smaller haunts, you can rummage for records, chat with the clerk and feel the atmosphere of the music – be it opera or punk. Now’s the time to discover a new neighborhood, some new people and definitely some new music… Continue reading “Paris’Back Street Disquaires”