Francois Kollar, a Working Eye

The Jeu de Paume hosts a retrospective of Francois Kollar’s photographs  (to May 22). Although little known outside the photo cognoscenti Kollar was among the most innovative and experimental of France’s commercial photographers during the 30’s and 40’s. Considered a French photographer Kollar— like many other important photographers such as Robert Capa and Brassai who made their careers in France —came here from Eastern Europe. Kollar moved to Paris from Hungary in 1924. He lived and worked the rest of his life in France until his death in 1979. Continue reading “Francois Kollar, a Working Eye”

Nicolas Clauss’ “Endless Portraits”

When most people think of computer generative images they think  of sci-fi special effects or arty over the top  ‘neo-baroque’ constructions. The beauty of French artist Nicolas Clauss’ digitally manipulated images is in their subtlety and how much they recall traditional photographic portraiture. He has made a series of portraits each from a couple of seconds of film made of people he has meet traveling around the world (Séoul, Sicile, Bangalore, New York …). Continue reading “Nicolas Clauss’ “Endless Portraits””

Photo Saint-Germain 2016

With Paris’ official month of photography moved from November to April this year photo aficionados can still get their pics-fix this month at the Photo Saint-Germain Festival ( to November 20). Bigger and better than ever it has 40 exhibitions —including work by Bresson, Anders Peterson, Eikoh Hosoe to name a few. The exhibitions are located in galleries and cultural centers throughout the Saint-Germain neighborhood.  Continue reading “Photo Saint-Germain 2016”

Women Photographers Paris Exhibition

A mega double venue exhibition “Qui à peur des femmes photographes?” focuses on women photographers from the medium’s earliest days until the end of World War II (to January 24, 2016). Photography in those years was a medium in the process of defining itself and therefore relatively more open to women as a career possibility. The exhibition, with categories such as portraiture, fine art and photo journalism, explores how women’s changing role in society paralleled their emergence as photographers. Continue reading “Women Photographers Paris Exhibition”

Bernice Abbott & Vivian Maier at Les Douches la Galerie

One of the best photo exhibitions in Paris this month features the work of two photograpphers Berenice Abbott and Vivian Maier (Une Fantastique Passion) at Les Douches La Galerie. This is a tale of two cities and two fantastic female photographers. For Abbott her passion was photographing the city of New York. For Vivian Maier it was the streets and people of Chicago (until November 26, 2016). Continue reading “Bernice Abbott & Vivian Maier at Les Douches la Galerie”

Philippe Halsman “Astonish Me!”

Marilyn Monroe is just one of the many celebrities, politicians, artists and intellectuals photographed by Philippe Halsman (1906-1979) during his stellar forty year career. “Philippe Halsman “Astonish Me!”at Paris’ Jeu de Paume is a retrospective of one of the 20th century’s most successful and creative commercial photographers (to January 24, 2016).  The exhibition was produced by the Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, in collaboration with the Philippe Halsman Archive, New York Continue reading “Philippe Halsman “Astonish Me!””

Jeff Wall’s Smaller Pictures

Canadian artist Jeff Wall, known for his large-scale back-lit cibachrome photographs, popularized  the “stage managed big is beautiful” aesthetic in photography with such pictures as “The Destroyed Room,”Mimic,” and what has been called his signature piece “Picture for Women,” measuring 142.5 by 204.5cm. Many consider his large-scale images and studied compositions as influences on the Dusseldorf group led by Andreas Gursky, Thomas Ruff and Thomas Struth. Wall’s computer enhanced 1992 photo “Dead Troops Talk (A vision after an ambush of a Red Army patrol, near Moqor, Afghanistan, winter 1986” recently sold for $3.6 making it the third most expensive photo ever sold at auction. Continue reading “Jeff Wall’s Smaller Pictures”