Kyano’s Cyclades Collection

Kyano means blue in Greek and is the name of a collaboration between Charles Devoyer (photographer) and Dora Bami (designer). The two artists are showing cyanotype art and fabric accessories —with their first collection “Cyclades”— at the Espace 102 Gallery (April 17-30).  “For me the color cyan evokes Greece and the Mediterranean” says Bami,” who comes from Greece. Indeed their collection feels like a calming breeze from the Greek islands with poetic prints on paper, fabric and wood using the cyanotype “blue print”  technique.

Cyanotype is a 19th photography technique which has a painterly feel to it, which uses the sun for exposures.  Devoyer and Bami are rebooting the technique into the 21st century creating elegant prints and designs for wall hangings, handbags, i-pad tablet covers and tote-bags. If you miss their show in Paris their work is available for sale online at //

Kyano, “Cyclades Collection.” April 17-30, Espace 102 Gallery, located at 102, rue de Cherche Midi, Paris 6e.