Land of Ice Revisited

Michel Rawicki’s  large  color  landscape photographs “L’Appel du Froid” are exhibited on the fence surrounding the Jardin du Luxembourg (until July 17, 2016). The photos of such places as Greenland, Canada, the Arctic and Antarctica— with informative captions and maps— are an invitation to contemplate the land of ice and the implications for global warming. Observing Rawicki’s haunting pictures of Greenland’s glaciers breaking apart becoming icebergs one is reminded of a sober ing speculation by scientists that “if the ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica were to collapse and melt entirely, the result would be a sea level rise of about 200 feet… Rawicki’s photos— that would be at home in any major photography gallery— are documentary style pictures capturing the people, animals and landscapes of the great north.

L’Appel du Froid, to July 17, Jardin du Luxembourg, rue de Medicis, 6e. Free admission. Lighted for night viewing.