My Little Paris

Spending time in Paris is like being in the biggest and best sweetie shop in the world.  You want to try that, that, oh! And that! With so much to do, the dilemma is where to start.  Of course there’s the über tourist stuff like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, yawn, but don’t you get the feeling that you’re missing out?  That a secret world of chic Parisian life is passing you by?

Well, the bad news is: you’re right.  The good news is: there’s help for your problem.

It comes in the form of the My Little Paris website and book.  The site was started by sisters Fany and Amandine Péchiodat with the aim of sharing nuggets of information about Paris.  It might be where to get a fish pedicure (yes, really), where you can rent luxury hotel rooms by the hour (well, when in Paris…) or where to find an organic Sunday morning market (Boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris, Métro Rennes).

The site began life as a newsletter that Fany emailed to her friends.  It has since grown into a bilingual website (French/English) and a book; the English version is available from July 2011.  It is the companion to have in your pocket/phone if you want the inside track on all things hip in Paris.  It is geared more towards us girls, but you guys will enjoy it too.  You’ve always wanted a fish pedicure, right?

The cherry on the top is the artwork by the Japanese artist, Kanako.  Humorous, colourful and quirky, her sketches bring the book and the website to life.  The only missing link is the one to a shop where you can buy her prints.

So whether you are looking for a lesson in ‘Dirty Dancing’ à la Patrick Swayze or restaurant suggestions for brunch, My Little Paris should be your first stop.  It is the must-have guide to help you navigate around the giant sweetie shop that is Paris.


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