Nils-Udo’s Black Bamboo 

“Black Bamboo”

“Black Bamboo” is the title of artist Nils-Udo’s monumental installation temporarily occupying two floors at the Fondation EDF in Paris (until Feb 02, 2020). Since the artist’s work is usually seen outdoors, often times in remote areas, this is a rare opportunity to see his work indoors in an urban setting… and it only costs the price of a metro ticket (if you are already in Paris).

Nils-Udo is a German artist from Bavaria who has been creating environmental art since the early seventies. He is considered one of the pioneers of the “Art and Nature” movement. The artist’s sculpture-installations -such as his iconic giant “nests” -are composed using natural materials such as logs and brush he finds usually on location. 

As his work became more ephemeral, Udo introduced photography as part of his art to document and share it. Perhaps the best known example of his work for the general public is the cover design for Peter Gabriel’s album “OVO.” With the installation at Fondation EDF, Udo abstracts somewhat the nest idea. Here seven giant black marble eggs rest on white pebbles surrounded by a mini forest of two-story high bamboo stalks. As with many of his other environmental projects “Black Bamboo” is an invitation to contemplate the magic and mystery of the natural world. 

“Black Bamboo Nils-Udo” to February 02, 2020, Fondation EDF, 6, rue Recamier, 75007 Paris. Free admission.