Paris Celebrates “Japonisme”

“Japonisme” © Jean-Tholance, Musée-des-Arts-Décoratifs

“Japonisme” is a word coined in 1872 by French art collector and critic Philippe Burty describing the French craze for all things Japanese. With France’s 1867 Exposition Universelle Parisians saw their first major exhibition of Japanese art inspiring such artists as Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. Continue reading “Paris Celebrates “Japonisme””

The Actor Who Was France

A new book by Joseph Harriss on the life and times of Jean Gabin is the first biography in English of the iconic French film actor whose career and life mirrored both 20th century France and the early evolution of modern film. Gabin’s most memorable films include “La Grande Illusion” (1937), “La Bete Humane” (1938), “Le Jour se Leve” (1939) and “Le Plaisir” (1950). Continue reading “The Actor Who Was France”

So Parisian!

“Paris has more to offer than climbing the Eiffel Tower” says “So Parisian!” author Jean-Christophe Napias. With lesser-known museums, authentic restaurants and unexpected discoveries, this charming book (published by Parigramme) offers an eclectic selection of unusual shops, timeless brasseries, cool bistros and romantic gardens that make this city so special…and so Parisian! Continue reading “So Parisian!”

Erwin Redl’s Light Labyrinth

“Light Matters” is an immersive room-size light installation by Austrian artist Erwin Redl at the Fondation EDF where visitors enter a labyrinth of LED lights spread over two floors and whose tones vary slowly between red and blue (to February 03, 2019). Using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as an artistic medium Redl’s works redefine interior and exterior spaces by exploring architectural volumes. From floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, the work fills the EDF gallery space with a grid of phosphor LEDs, creating a visual web of light. Continue reading “Erwin Redl’s Light Labyrinth”

Folk Artist Gregory Alan Isakov World Tour

by Amanda McCracken

Americana Folk artist Gregory Alan Isakov seems to plant seeds wherever he plays. He is currently on a world tour from Paris to London to Sydney playing songs from his fourth full-length album “Evening Machines.” Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Isakov now calls Colorado, USA home. It’s there where he farms, sells vegetable seeds and crops, and writes magical music and lyrics that are enchanting sold out crowds across the globe. Continue reading “Folk Artist Gregory Alan Isakov World Tour”

France’s Worker Photography

The thirties were troubled times in France marked by a depressed economy, the rise of fascism, polarized politics and the election of the Popular Front in 1936. “Photographie, Arme de Class” —an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou— revisits those tumultuous years between 1928 and 1936 via photographs, film clips, magazines and archival documents including work from the photography section of the “Association of Revolutionary Writers and Artists” and examples of illustrated magazines such as “Vu” and “Nos Regards.” Continue reading “France’s Worker Photography”