Paris Revealed

Paris Revealed is the latest literary offering from long time fan of Paris and prolific author, Stephen Clarke. The cover promises to ‘reveal Paris’ and this wonderfully informative book more than amply delivers. Full of fascinating insights into Parisan life and the city of Paris itself, it succeeds at being compelling reading for anyone who loves the “Ville-Lumière.”

Organized by topics which address such diverse themes as the all important Parisian relationship with water. “Life in Paris is a story of eau – the city’s emblem is a boat,” says Clarke. “Water gushes everywhere, from fountains and along gutters, reassuring Parisians that there will be no return to the bad old days when all they had to drink was the Seine … and wine, of course.”

The book also includes chapters on such vitally important Parisien(ne) subjects as romance, sex, food and fashion. About the le Métro, Clarke opines that it is more than just a transport system. “The Paris underground is a way of life…with its very own architect, and some dramatic tales to tell.” There is a line-by-line listing of the most unusual stations.

Clarke’s trademark sparkling rapier-like wit has lost none of its edge and this reader must confess that she had to frequently siffle a giggle or two, while reading it on public transport. “Paris Revealed” is essential reading for seasoned or potential fans of Paris everywhere.