Sense in the City, Paris

Imagine waking to the peals of morning church bells in a small French village or devouring fresh flakes of a buttery croissant you’ve just dunked in coffee at a street-side café in Paris…  When we’re travelling, a picture-postcard location, and a good view of it is always appealing. We want a hotel room, restaurant table or lookout that allows us to gaze in awe across an exotic landscape. 

But if that were all there was to it, we’d just stay at home and browse a travel magazine or our Instagram feeds. The most rewarding travel experiences involve immersing ourselves in a new environment and stimulating all our senses.

Sense in the City, Paris is a personal travel guide to the city’s sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations written by veteran Australian travel writer Ruby Boukabou. The guide is designed to encourage you to explore a location through your senses in order to elevate your experience. You won’t just observe these cities, you’ll feel and ‘live’ them… whether you’re in town for seven hours, seven days or seven months.

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