“So Little Time” at Bastille Theater

“So Little Time” is a play (in English) by Lebanese stage playwright, actor and visual artist Rabih Mroué, part of this year’s Paris Autumn Festival. Mroué’s work often includes videos, installations, photography and text. In his new production the Lebanese director and actor examines the interrelations between myths and depictions of martyrs. What happens when someone presumed to be dead suddenly turns up, encountering his own image larger-than-life?  Mroué working between fiction and documentary examines the contradictions of political and historical visual language.

With “So Little Time”  Mroué returns to his native land in order to look into the story of Lebanon’s first martyr during the 1960’s. When the body of a young student who has gone off to join the Palestine Liberation Movement is brought back to the country, a national homage is organized and a monument inaugurated. During the course of an exchange of prisoners, however, it turns out that the person is alive… What do we do with a flesh and blood martyr?

Théâtre de la Bastille, 76 rue de la Roquette 75011 Paris, November 15- 25