Holistic expo poster
A brand-new U
by Georgina Oliver

Fall is about fashion… And, seing life in a new light

You're back. Brand-new. The creative spark in you is alive. The new you is into new brands. New faces. New places. If you've changed your mind about something, now's the time to make a U-turn. Otherwise, go for it!

Rentrez Zen!

A new wave of holistic expos addresses the you that's off to a fresh start. At l'Espace Auteuil (place de la Porte d'Auteuil, 16e) Oct 5-9, Rentrez Zen! is zee place to shop around for a new brain and body. 150 stands, 100 ateliers and 10 conferences. All dedicated to self-development and well-being. Alternative psychology. Natural therapies. Herbal cosmetics. And organic food. Info: 01 45 56 09 09.
The new "U" will annilhate negative energy with kung fu determination. Where? At, "Les Temps du Corps," a weekend workshop about Qi Gong, a Chinese method of relaxation intended to purify the spirit, and give your body greater fluidity of movement. A "Qi-Gong et Stretching" demonstration will explain how oriental and western techniques, like yoga and fitness, can be combined. Also programed: tea tastings and calligraphy. (Sept 30 & Oct 1, 10 rue de l'Echiquier, 10e, reservations: 01 48 01 08 78).

New Hair

What could be more symbolic of back to the city energy than a new hairstyle? How do you see yourself? With extra-long extensions or ruby-red streaks? The Lucie Saint-Clair salon chain has hired a new artistic director who has all the answers. Color and cut expert Eric Bachelet likes to "repersonalize" a woman's appearance. According to him, she should look in the mirror, and say: "That's me. But better. Much better."

New Watch

Mere mention of a necktie evokes the obligation to wear an executive suit and wristwatch, after several weeks of barefootin' in the sand. No need. Swatch has designed a feather-light watch worn 'round the neck, like an all-access pass to a rock concert. The name of this brand-new model is "neck-tie." (Available at Swatch's new place Vendôme boutique.)

New Boutiques

Everybody's talkin' about Irina Volkonskii's new jewelry shop
opening this month at 4 rue des Quatre Vents in the Latin quarter. A former assistant chez designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Irina has made a name for herself by creating glitzy, kinky one-of-a-kind pieces, such as a much-publicized handcuff bracelet. The boutique's interior is by Xavier Anthonioz, a young architect and sculptor out to create an "ultra-girly, ultra-modern ambience."
Another eagerly-awaited September event is the launch of the new Mandarina Duck outlet, conceived by Droog Design and NL architects. In the hyper style-conscious 1st arrondissement, at 219 rue St-Honoré, this spunky one-stop store is a total "experience." Shoppers will tunnel through its eccentric modular decor, discovering clothes and cutting-edge objects, as if by chance. While smaller, more precious items are presented in an incubator-like showcase, complete with "touch me, feel me" gloves.

Party Girl

The Colette concept store, at 213 rue St-Honoré, is under constant pressure to reinvent itself. Their newest idea? A Marianne Robic Flower Bar, starting Sept 1. Their exhibition schedule? A show called "Do Create" (Sept 4 to Oct 7) and a picture portfolio by New York-based celebrity photographer Jessica Craig-Martin. Titled "Party Girl," it coincides with a new book meant to capture the "poignant self-invention" of nightclubbers.

Identity Checks

You've seen all the stars – from Sharon Stone to Oasis' Liam Gallagher – in updated versions of Burberry's signature crisscross. So, why not show you've noticed the trend, but want to be different, by sporting the colors of another Picadilly tailor? Daks, who recently fêted the 25th anniversary of their house check here, at the British embassy, will be inaugurating a new London emporium in Old Bond Street on September 27.


"Metamorphosis" is the theme of the Festival d'Ile de France, a 33-concert fest presenting prestigious classical and experimental music in the context of some of the most captivating monuments in and around Paris. Through October 15, with guided visits. And, for the second year running, an urban section dubbed "Factory" spotlights newer sounds: DJ/techno, world music, jungle jazz... (Oct 12-14, Le Trabendo, Parc de la Villette, 19e). General bookings: 01 58 71 01 01.

Monuments Revisited

The idea of looking at a monument with fresh eyes is the concept behind "Chacun cherche un coin qu'il aime bien" (loosely, "everybody needs some place...,," an educational dance project cum visual arts installation at the Abbaye de Maubuisson: a Cistercian monastery in St-Ouen-l'Aumône (a 20-minute train ride from Gare d'Austerlitz). The participants? Choreographers, teachers, a team of enthusiastic kids and four architecture students aged 23 to 27. Till Sept 25, with special sessions during national heritage weekend (Sept 16 & 17). Infoline: 01 34 64 36 10.
Want to make a monumental difference? Then, how about adopting a tree, to help refurbish the Château de Versailles' grounds decimated by last winter's tempête? URL:

Oz Food

In the buildup to the Sydney Olympics, Monoprix presents an Australian food promo this fall. The Woolloomooloo brand's Oz dishes include kangaroo curry, rumsteak de kangourou au poivre australien and Ozzie pie. All to be washed down with Bundaberg's genuine natural ginger beer, of course!


It's satchel time again... Ever noticed how schoolkids tend to suck their erasers? Trouble is so many of them look like candy! And, French moms will tell you they're toxique. Which is why Faber-Castell has brought out a colorful PVC-free range sold in a protective cellophane wrapping. (6F)

Garden Guides

To promote the city's gardens, the Mairie de Paris set up a program of guided visits in English this summer. Initially aimed at non-French-speaking tourists, this facility is availbale until the end of September. A welcome opportunity for back-to-school expats to enjoy an instructive 2-hour strole... Three options: the Père-Lachaise cemetery, the reconverted Bercy site (12e) and the futuristic André-Citroën park (15e). Tue & Sat, 38F. Contact: Roseline Manière: 01 40 71 75 60.

Ke Wen demonstrate QI Gong

Eric Bachelet haistyle
© Lucie Saint-Clair

Daks bags
© Sagita/Daks

Handcuff bracelet by Irina Volkonskii

"Party Girl" photo
© Jessica Craig-Martin/Colette

PVC-free erasers
Faber Castel

`Kangaroo pie
courtsey of Desert Rose