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“Starsky & Hutch” movie promo
Funky frenzy
New-style Parisians “Let the sunshine in”

by Georgina Oliver

A sizzling generation of “très flashy” style-setters has popped the previous millennium’s zaniest decades in the microwave, updating them with panache. Their hottest sources of inspiration? The Hollywood remake of cult TV series “Starsky and Hutch” (on Paris screens from April 21), along with the new version of hippy era rock musical “Hair” (at the Palais des Sports to Apr 18): beyond the neo-Afro look of this showbiz milestone’s bead-clad heroes, the Vietnam-linked “peace and love” message of time-transcending hits like “Let the sunshine in” is “just the ticket” for contemporary audiences troubled by the consequences of the war in Iraq!

Heard of “M”?
Funky chic is back, but with a fresh twist. A leading light in this domain, ultra-wacky singer/songwriter “M” projects a glitzy stage persona that’s a “think pink” remix of rock’n’roll attitude, French chanson, Batman and Mickey Mouse. (in concert May 3-11, at L’Olympia, bd des Capucines, 9e, infoline: 08 92 68 33 68)

Funk By Night
The Wagg club, adjoining Brit entrepreneur Sir Terence Conran’s Alcazar restaurant (62 rue Mazarine, 6e) has just feted its second anniversary with DJ/chat show personality Ariel Wizman at the turntables. It hosts hugely successful “Carwash” nights, based on a UK nightclubbin’ concept named after Michael Schultz’s mythical 1977 movie, set in a groovy garage/dancefloor… Dress code: “Strict ’70s funk soul, ’80s disco-chic, ’90s glam, and today’s funky-cool” – free entry before midnight, then 15E or 20E including first drink.
Another “post-2000 funk” hotspot is the Bastille-based La Scène bar/music venue, which has recently hyped up its restaurant, giving it “a more loungy ambience.” It stages monthly “In Funk We Trust” midnight to 6am soirées, billed as “Funky soundz all nite long!” (2bis rue des Taillandiers, 11e, tel: 01 48 06 50 70)

Funky “Lolitas”
This season’s spunkiest get-ups spring from the schoolyard. Underage fashion victims known as “Lolitas” sport teeny weenie skirts (as seen on the cover of Elle magazine’s “Elle girl” free supplement, launched with pre-teens in mind), mixed and matched with oodles of baubles gleaned from trendy trinket and accessory chains like Claire’s. Zee way to show off these zippy “revisited miniskirts”? Slipped on top of a pair of customized bell-bottoms, naturellement!
Hip hop culture is another key influence... The long-established Lou lingerie brand targets this “Generation Y” market with a “Funky” line featuring thongs and panties whose “elasticated underpant” waistlines are meant to be seen and “heard”… peaking out of jeans. Flared or baggy? That is “Da” question!

Trained chez Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy, star hairstylist Jean-Michel Faretra wears a pirate’s bandanna when wielding his magician’s scissors at his “KpOchs” spa/cyber-salon, co-emceed with his wife, Carole, in charge of makeup… Thursday is DJ night and spectacular makeovers are an in-house specialty. For 2004 brides, he’s conjured up three alternative coiffures, in association with Cédric Amani, a floral “whiz” based in the 18th arrondissement. (22 rue des Capucines, 2e, tel: 01 42 86 11 23)

Flower Power
Branchés Parisians wearing flowers in their hair this summer will also head for Hervé Chatelain’s “Atelier.” This “designer florist” displays his “colored water” creations incorporating branches, roots, minerals and orchids, with a predilection for purple, black and… fluorescent effects, on photographer’s lightboxes. (140 rue Montmartre, 2e, tel: 01 45 08 85 57)

Dream On
A must for deco freaks with a taste for 1950s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s… design, the Dream On Gallery is a two-level emporium filled with “vintage” modern finds ranging from quirky memorabilia and bright orange Le Creuset casserole dishes to Eames chairs and Loewy originals. (70 bd Beaumarchais, 11e, tel: 01 40 38 50 25)

Who says “quality kitsch” is a contradiction in terms? Bénédicte Malherbe’s “Homes” boutique, near the Pompidou center, stocks stunning furniture — mainly chunky funky sofas — by German manufacturer Bretz. (Tue-Sat noon to 8pm, Mon 2:30-7:30pm, 8 rue Nicolas Flamel, 4e)

Campari Red
In the mood for a retro-futuristic fiesta? Like Absolut Vodka, the Italian aperitif, Campari, has always sponsored cultural “happenings,” calling upon icons such as Andy Warhol to boost its image… In this spirit, the Toast Gallery recently threw a “Red Art” party spotlighting paintings produced by ten young artists, as a “toast” to this totally natural “vermilion vermouth,” with Riviera appeal. The brand’s latest slogan? “Switch on the red.” (3 rue de l’Estrapade, 5e, tel: 01 44 07 04 22

M’s latest CD

Carwash “funkster”

Elle teen supplement cover

Lou’s funky undies

Hair poster

“Campari “Red Art” painting by Carolina Spielmann