At Home in Burgundy…

One of the things that makes this book of recipes special is the life story that comes with it. “It is a collection of recipes” says author Eleanor Garvin “that I have cooked for clients and friends during the 25 years that my husband, Denis, and I have lived in France.” Her husband Denis Sherman, a wine specialist, provided photos and wine notes for the book.

“What began as a summer adventure when I was 23,” says Garvin, “turned into a new life in Burgundy…” They bought an antique barge “Le Papillon” with a friend in the Spring of 1988 where they began offering catered cruises of Burgundy’s canals. “Le Papillon would be our home for the next decade… we cruised the length and breadth of France, and I learned French cuisine in a way that I could never have imagined.”

Garvin’s book, “At Home in Burgundy,” is a selection of over 100 of her most popular recipes. A professional cook, she left the US in 1983 to learn French cuisine. Since then, her work with Papillon cruises and tours as well as her collaboration with Elden Wine has taken her to the culinary hot spots of Europe. But her home is in Burgundy, and these recipes reflect the rich, pastoral countryside that holds her there.

Burgundian cuisine is based on an abundance of indigenous ingredients. In Ellie’s hands, the classic repertoire becomes innovative. Snails are a turnip velouté with a mirepoix of escargots. Local epoisses cheese becomes a tart with shallots and red wine. Tender spring vegetables come together in a salad under delicate garlic cream with a poached egg. These recipes from a chef’s kitchen are accessible to the home cook, with techniques and presentation carefully explained.

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