Apartment Rental & Purchasing Agencies

Image Flat Hunter
FlatHunter is a property search specialist that works exclusively on the buyer’s side, finding homes or investment properties for both French and international clients. Services in Paris, the suburbs and greater France. Tel: 33 (0) 1 42 26 64 35 Email: contact@flat-hunter.com  http://www.flat-hunter.com

Barnes property consultants is “run by expats for expats” and offers over 1500 furnished and unfurnished apartments in Paris. Tel: 01 55 61 92 92 Email: info@barnes-paris.com http://www.barnes-paris.com Continue reading “Apartment Rental & Purchasing Agencies”

French estate agents & notaires

Image Excerpted from “Buying a Home in France ” 
Only some 50 per cent of property sales in France are handled by estate agents (agent immobilier). However, where foreign buyers are concerned, the vast majority of sales are made through agents or handled by notaires ). It’s common for foreigners in many countries, particularly the UK, to use an agent in their own country who works with one or more French agents. A number of French agents also advertise abroad, and many have English-speaking staff (so don’t be discouraged if you don’t speak fluent French). Continue reading “French estate agents & notaires”

Finding a Rental Property in France

Renting in France
Excerpted from “Buying a Home in France 2006”
Image Your success or failure in finding a suitable rental property depends on many factors, not least the type of rental you’re seeking (a one-bedroom apartment is easier to find than a four-bedroom detached house), how much you want to pay and the area. France has a strong rental market in most areas, although rural properties are rarely available for long-term rental. Continue reading “Finding a Rental Property in France”

Getting around Paris

ImageParis Metro consists of 16 lines spanning all of the city and its suburbs. The metro is classified into 5 zones, with the first two zones covering Paris and the rest traveling to outer neighborhoods. Each of the lines are identified by a color and a number making it easy to locate the correct line on a map. The direction of travel is marked by the last stop on that line. To make finding destinations easier, the Parisian transport agency (ratp), provides a destination locater on their website under the link “finding your way”. Continue reading “Getting around Paris”

Buying a Home (Old) in France

In terms of the fees associated with buying a property, an ‘old’ property is one that’s over five years old that has already had at least one owner. However, the term ‘old home’ usually refers to a building that’s pre-second world war and possibly hundreds of years old and which is either in need of restoration and modernisation or has already been restored.
If you want a property with abundant charm and character, a building for renovation or conversion, outbuildings, or a large plot, you must usually buy an old property. The advantages and disadvantages of buying a new home ) apply in reverse to an old home. Many old properties purchased by foreigners in France are in need of restoration, renovation or modernisation. Continue reading “Buying a Home (Old) in France”

Buying a Home in France: Prices and Fees

Image Apart from obvious points such as size, quality and land area, the most important factor influencing the price of a house is its location. A restored or modernised two-bedroom house might cost €100,000 in a remote or unpopular area but sell for two or three times as much in a popular location. The closer you are to the coast (or Paris), the more expensive a property will be, with properties on the Côte d’Azur the most expensive of all. A Charente farmhouse with a barn and land costs around the same as a tiny studio apartment in Paris or on the Côte d’Azur. Continue reading “Buying a Home in France: Prices and Fees”