British Expats Get New Voting Rights

The British government recently announced plans on how it will deliver on its commitment to allow all expats to vote in parliamentary elections. The Minister for the Constitution, Chris Skidmore, announced the new policy which sets out how the government will remove the current 15-year time limit on British citizens who live abroad registering as overseas electors. Continue reading “British Expats Get New Voting Rights”

Frenchilation Takes “Five”

Lost in Frenchilation presents “Five” with English subtitles Friday May 20th. The film is a 2016 French comedy film, written and directed by Igor Gotsman and starring Pierre Niney. “Five” is about a group of five childhood friends who take up the opportunity to live together in an expensive Paris apartment. In order to fund the group’s lifestyle, Pierre Niney’s character, Samuel, becomes a drug dealer. Continue reading “Frenchilation Takes “Five””

Coluche Revisited

Paris’ Hotel de Ville pays homage via video clips, photos and memorabilia to the beloved French actor and comedian Coluche (1944-1986) with an exhibition marking the thirtieth anniversary of his death. The exhibition (until January 7, 2017) revisits his stage, television and movie career up to the announcement of his presidential candidacy. His “campaign” was supported by “Charlie Hebdo” with slogans such as “Before me France was divided in two, now it will be folded into fourths.” He wasn’t taken seriously until the Journal du Dimanche published a poll showing he was supported by 16% of the French voters. Under pressure from serious politicians he withdrew. Continue reading “Coluche Revisited”

Parisians… Guinguettes and Revolutions

Musée CarnavaletThe Musée Carnavalet takes a look at working-class Paris from the end of the French Revolution to the First World War with an exhibition titled “Le Peuple de Paris au XIX Siecle, des guinguettes aux barricades” (The People of Paris in the 19th century. Guinguettes and revolutions). The exhibition, with illustrations, photos by Eugene Atget and Charles Negre, objects and instruments, period clothes, and paintings and drawings by Honoré Daumier, examines 19th century Parisian daily life. Continue reading “Parisians… Guinguettes and Revolutions”