Jean Paul Goude Retrospective

Often, the term “Pygmalion” is used to describe artist, Jean-Paul Goude and the intimate rapport he has with his muses. However, instead of sculpting object of desires out of stone, Goude transforms women with whom he cultivates a relationship into his living, breathing works of mythical art. Call it “Goudemalion,” a term reflected in the Musee des Arts Decoratif’s latest exhibition paying homage to the brilliant mind of image maker/art director, Jean-Paul Goude. Continue reading “Jean Paul Goude Retrospective”

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Ave Montaigne … Paris’ Fashion Blvd

Louis Vuiton window © Bob Bishop

Shopping in this capital is far more than an mere act of self indulgence. It’s the best way to discover the glamorous side of Paris as well as France’s renowned tradition of quality and attention to detail, and inimitable sense of luxury. Though there are several distinctively different “fashion neighborhoods” around the city, none of these can rival with avenue Montaigne’s aura of elegance and plethora of prestigious designer ware.Lined from end to end with a who’s-who list of legendary labels from around the globe, this street represents the best planet style has to offer. Continue reading “Ave Montaigne … Paris’ Fashion Blvd”