Fashion Photographer Peter Lindbergh

He is Tina Turner’s favorite photographer. Donna Karan calls him “part of the family” and super model Nadja Auermann asserts that “he always makes you feel like you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.” Ever since Peter Lindbergh took up fashion photography in the late1970s, he has had an immense impact not only on the genre, but on fashion itself.

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Conversation with Henri Cartier-Bresson

Legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson doesn’t like giving interviews. In fact, he doesn’t give them as such. If he does agree to meet you, it is on the condition that you don’t tape the conversation, you don’t make notes and you don’t even fire questions at him. “I prefer to have conversations,” he tells me. “Doing an interview is like being in front of a magistrate.”

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A Russian in Paris

Paris has always held a special attraction for Russians. “For them, it is the cultural center of the world,” says one of the city’s most famous Russian inhabitants, Andreï Makine, the latest Prix Goncourt winner. “There have been quite a few Anglophiles in Russia, but they have always played second fiddle to this infatuation for France.”

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Visting Barbizon

 At first, Barbizon does not seem an obvious choice as an artistic center. After all, this picturesque village to the southeast of Paris is more or less made up of a single street. Yet, between 1830 and 1875, over 60 artists flocked to what was then a modest woodcutters’ village and the movement that grew up around them was later to be called the Barbizon school. Continue reading “Visting Barbizon”