Back in the USSR

The October Revolution (1917) ended centuries of Czarist rule reshaping the Russian empire into the Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Meanwhile Russian artists during those turbulent times were making their own revolutions breaking the old art rules with new ideas such as cubism, futurism and expressionism. Continue reading “Back in the USSR”

Thomas Houseago Paris Retrospective

“L’Homme Pressé”

Los Angeles based British artist Thomas Houseago’s “Almost Human” is a retrospective exhibition featuring his sculptures and paintings at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris (until July 14, 2019). The exhibition —with a title inspired by Leonard Cohen’s iconic song “Suzanne”—follows the evolution of Houseago’s work from the 1990s to present day experiments. Continue reading “Thomas Houseago Paris Retrospective”

Wilting Point Photos

William Daniels’ color documentary photographs are featured with the exhibition “Wilting Point” at the the Pavillon Carre de Baudouin in Paris’ 20th arrondissement (until April 11, 2019). Dainiels (born 1977) is a French Paris-based photojournalist working with National Geographic, Time Magazine, Le Monde and Polka. The exhibition includes recent photos from his Central African Republic series as well as photos taken in Kirghizistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Syria and a dizzying number of other troubled places. Continue reading “Wilting Point Photos”

Les Nabis Revisited

Decorative art by “Nabis” artists such as Bonnard, Valloton, Vuillard and Sérusier is the subject of “Les Nabis el le Décor” at the Musée du Luxembourg. It includes ceramics, textiles, wallpaper project proposals and decorative panels commissioned by the artists’ friends and patrons (until June 30, 2019). The exhibition accompanies another “Nabis” themed exhibition in town at the Musée d’Orsay “Le Talisman Sérusier, une prophéte de la couleur” (until June 02, 2019). Continue reading “Les Nabis Revisited”

Jazz Pianist Lenore Raphael Swings into Paris

Lenore Raphael

One of the things we love about Paris is the opportunity to hear so many top jazz performers. Lenore Raphael, who jazz critics have compared to Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans and even Thelonious Monk, will be in town playing her brand of modern swinging jazz (April 10 & 11) at the Cercle Suedois and Chez Papa Jazz Club. Considered by many as one of great Steinway artists, she has performed at some of the world’s top jazz venues and festivals such as The London Jazz Festival, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Ronnie Scott’s (London) and the Blue Note. Continue reading “Jazz Pianist Lenore Raphael Swings into Paris”

John Baxter Loves Paris

“I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles. I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles….” Like with the iconic Cole Porter song, Australian Paris-based writer John Baxter loves Paris. Proof is that since moving here in 1989 he has written several books about the city including “We’ll Always Have Paris: Sex and Love in the City of Light,” “Immoveable feast : a Paris Christmas,” “The Most Beautiful Walk in the World : a Pedestrian in Paris”  and “Five Nights in Paris: After Dark in the City of Light.” Continue reading “John Baxter Loves Paris”

The Gardener of Eden

A mysterious beachcomber, in “The Gardener of Eden,” appears one day on the coastal bluffs near the small town of Carverville, a place whose best days are long behind it. Who is he, and why has he returned after nearly forty years? The book is Paris-based author David Downie’s haunting, luminous novel set in a mythical Pacific Coast locale somewhere in Northern California. Continue reading “The Gardener of Eden”