Tutto Ponti in Paris

Graphic: Italo Lupi

Giovanni “Gio” Ponti, (1891-1976) one of the most important figures in 20th century Italian design, is featured with a retrospective “Tutto Ponti, Gio Ponti archi-designer” at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (to February 10, 2019). The exhibition presents a panoramic chronology of Ponti’s six-decade career in architecture, design, interiors and publishing. Continue reading “Tutto Ponti in Paris”

Politics of Seeing

Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California 1936

Paris’ Jeu de Paume revisits the work of documentary photographer Dorothea Lange with a major retrospective “Dorothea Lange, Politics of Seeing” (until January 27, 2019). The exhibition originated at the Oakland Museum of California —home of the photographer’s archives— donated to the museum fifty years ago by her husband and collaborator Paul Shuster Taylor. Continue reading “Politics of Seeing”


Farm (Pryor Creek, Oklahoma) 2015

Following his denial of access by Google, artist John Gerrard hired a helicopter and produced a detailed photographic survey of one of the key physical sites of the internet, a Google data server building in Oklahoma known as a “data farm.” This survey was the starting point for “Farm (Pryor Creek, Oklahoma)” featuring a slow pan portrait of a simulated “twin” of the squat building flanked by diesel generators and powerful cooling towers. Continue reading “Surveillé-e-s”

The Actor Who Was France

A new book by Joseph Harriss on the life and times of Jean Gabin is the first biography in English of the iconic French film actor whose career and life mirrored both 20th century France and the early evolution of modern film. Gabin’s most memorable films include “La Grande Illusion” (1937), “La Bete Humane” (1938), “Le Jour se Leve” (1939) and “Le Plaisir” (1950). Continue reading “The Actor Who Was France”

So Parisian!

“Paris has more to offer than climbing the Eiffel Tower” says “So Parisian!” author Jean-Christophe Napias. With lesser-known museums, authentic restaurants and unexpected discoveries, this charming book (published by Parigramme) offers an eclectic selection of unusual shops, timeless brasseries, cool bistros and romantic gardens that make this city so special…and so Parisian! Continue reading “So Parisian!”

Willy Ronis Revisited

Black and white photography fans remember Willy Ronis (1910-2009) for his lyric post war photographs depicting working class Parisians of the Belleville and Ménilmontant neighborhoods. His photo book “Belleville Ménilmontant” is a beloved classic. Now, nearly a decade after his death, Ronis’ photographs are being exhibited back in Paris’ 20th arrondissement where many of the pictures were originally taken (at the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin until January 02, 2019). Continue reading “Willy Ronis Revisited”

Half An Hour From Paris

Many guides claim to be for and by insiders, but this one truly is. Annabel Simms—living in Paris since 1991—delights in exploring the Paris countryside by train and sharing  ideas with her friends for discovering little-known travel gems. Her previous book “An Hour from Paris” is a popular go-to classic enjoyed by a generation of expats and seasoned Paris visitors. Continue reading “Half An Hour From Paris”