Ali Kazma’s “Souterrain”

Ali Kazma, “Subterranean” diptyque video

The Jeu de Paume in Paris is showing Turkish lens-based artist Ali Kazma’s recent non-narrative documentary videos (until January 21). Kazma, who studied in the States at the New School, represented Turkey in the 55th International Art Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia. His video installations —usually five to fifteen minutes—are a melange of various situations and social types… a kind of update on August Sanders. In a recent interview with ARTE he described the documentary nature of his work as an effort to create a “poetic archive of the human condition.” Kazma’s videos are an excellent compliment to the other Jeu de Paume exhibition currently on devoted to legendary “New Objectivity” photographer Albert Renger-Patzsch.

“Subterranean” —with twenty videos and an artist book— shows the evolution of Kazma’s work over the past ten years. The title of the exhibition comes from one of Kazma’s videos made at a pipeline factory.The exhibition includes two of the artist’s major projects entitled “Obstructions” and “Resistance.” Among his most visually compelling videos are the multi-screen triptyques “Tea Time” and “Electric”

Ali Kazma “Souterrain,” to January 21, 2018, Jeu de Paume