Paris short-term rentals

Image If your stay in Paris is limited, say from one week to a few months, renting an apartment on a temporary, short-term basis is the best way to experience home living in France while avoiding the expense, paperwork and organization of a long-term rental.

This option is a particularly good alternative to staying in a hotel, allowing a self-catering style vacation without the daily restaurant bills.There is a plethora of apartment rental providers who act on the behalf of the proprietor in exchange for a commission, sometimes up to 50%. This inevitably means the prices are higher than if you were renting long-term, but still provides good value, especially for larger sized families.

Check with the different agencies to know how they operate, but usually rentals are reserved in advance and are available per week or per month. The apartments on offer are always fully-furnished, fully-equipped and are usually located in the center of town. Below is a selection of reputed agencies.

Paris Address Tailor-made rentals from an experienced team of Parisians who meet you personally at your rented apartment and remain available throughout your stay. Tel 01 43 20 91 57 Email

Paris Attitude Specialized in short and long-term furnished rentals. Proposes more than 5000 high quality apartments located in the heart of Paris, available from a week to a year. Tel 01 42 96 31 46 Email

Barnes Property consultant “run by expats for expats,” offering over 1 500 furnished and unfurnished apartments in Paris. Tel 01 55 61 92 92 Email

Paris Rental / De Circourt Associates — A real estate agency in Paris that specializes in the furnished rental market for expatriates and business professionals seeking a mid to long-term apartment rental (3 months to 3 years) in Paris. Tel: 01 43 12 98 00 Email: