David Poe’s French Kisses

A new book of short stories “French Kisses” by David Poe draws on his thirty years living the expatriate life in France. His well crafted stories have the taste of a mature wine. He is clearly someone who knows the culture here and is a man who knows what you get living a life abroad… and also what one gives up with such a life.

Twelve stories depicting Americans in France, a broad array of characters and situations —a boozy basketball player colliding with bigotry; a vet at Omaha Beach confronting a memory; a boy sent abroad while his parents divorce; a jealous sister coveting one last heirloom; a killer seeking peace at Lake Geneva; a pharmacist shielding his suspect wife… All seek the enchantment, refuge or even forgiveness France might offer. But they can’t quite discard the baggage they carry. It is weaving stories around this conflict where Poe is at his strongest while providing us tales from the heart.