Erwin Redl’s Light Labyrinth

“Light Matters” is an immersive room-size light installation by Austrian artist Erwin Redl at the Fondation EDF where visitors enter a labyrinth of LED lights spread over two floors and whose tones vary slowly between red and blue (to February 03, 2019). Using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as an artistic medium Redl’s works redefine interior and exterior spaces by exploring architectural volumes. From floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, the work fills the EDF gallery space with a grid of phosphor LEDs, creating a visual web of light.

With this installation —part of his MATRIX series— Redl translates into physical space the abstract aesthetic language of virtual reality and 3D modeling, structuring an architectural environment using lights. His projects, which range from installations, CD-ROMs, drawings, Internet and sound pieces are assembled according to a narrow set of self-imposed rules inspired by computer code that often incorporate algorithms and controlled randomness.

“Light Matters” Erwin Redl, Fondation EDF, 6 rue Recamier 75007 Paris. To February 03, 2019. Free admission.