Paris, a Month of Photography

Photo: Kira Bunse

The Mois de la Photo-OFF is a fringe festival organized in parallel to the official Mois de la Photo. This year Paris’ official month of photography is going through changes and has been suspended until further notice (maybe 2020) leaving the Off Photo Fest to carrying on alone this year keeping the photo flame.

The Photo-Off fest, organized by Paris Photographique founded by Neil Atherton in 2004, emphasizes new visions and the unexpected. “Our goal,” says Atherton “is to offer a dynamic selection of emerging photographers exhibited in young galleries and unexpected spaces.  This space could be a gallery, a cultural centre, a bookshop or almost any other indoor or outdoor space which is suitable to host an exhibition and is open to the public. Entry to all the exhibits are free and are listed in a printed catalogue according to their geographic position in the city and online

The Mois de la Photo-OFF is organized by Paris Photographique founded by Atherton in 2004. It is a non-profit structure specialized in the organization of fine art exhibitions that showcase the work of emerging and established, independent, contemporary photographers. “Organized by photographers for photographers” says Atherton “the aim of our exhibitions is to encourage emerging photographers to exhibit and sell their work. We also aim to create working relationships between galleries, agents, collectors and artists.  The success of the Mois de la Photo-OFF festival, which Paris Photographique has organized since 2006, is testament to our aim.”