Francesca Woodman at Fondation HCB

The Fondation Henri Cartier Breson revisits the photographer Francesca Woodman with a thematic overview exhibition of her work titled “on Being an Angel.” (until July 31, 2016). Woodman (1958-1981) is known for her enigmatic stage-managed blurred black and white photos featuring either herself or female models often nude.  Her intimate autobiographical approach to the medium has inspired a generation of young photographers. Continue reading “Francesca Woodman at Fondation HCB”

Henri Rousseau… Paradise & Jungles

Paris’ Musée d’Orsay tributes legendary French 19th century painter Henri Rousseau with an exhibition “Le Douanier Rousseau, L’Innocence Archaique” placing him in the context of his times (to July 17, 2016).  Rousseau, (1844-1910) famed for his dreamlike atmospheres, enchanted landscapes and jungle scenes, was an important figure in art during the late 19th century and the early days of Modernism. He is still hard to categorize. Was he an inspired self-taught Naif or a harbinger of Modern Art? Maybe both.
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Paris’ Museum Night 2016

The Nuit des Musées is a chance to go museum hopping in Paris for free (until midnight May 21). The aim of the event, organized by the French Ministry of Culture, is to encourage people to get out and see some art. No excuses! In addition to art exhibitions the evening includes workshops, concerts, installations and performances.
Most of the city’s museums will be participating including the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Centre Pompidou, Arts and Metiers Museum, Palais de la Découverte and Decorative Arts Museum. For the biggies be prepared to stand in long lines. The “Nuit” takes place in thirty cities around Europe. Last year, over 1300 museums in France participated in the European Museum Night, and over 2 million people attended throughout Europe.

In addition to Nuit des Musées future fests organized by Paris include the Fête de la Musique celebrating the start of summer (June 21st) , Heritage Days in September, Paris Summer Quarter Fest, which starts July 14th and Bastille Day’s Night street dances July 13-14.

Ugo Mulas “La Photographie”

The Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson hosts an exhibition of work by Italian photographer Ugo Mulas (1928-1973) noted for his portraits of artists and street photography. The exhibition “La Photographie,” corresponds with a new book— a French translation of his classic oeuvre—featuring Mulas’ photos of the 60-70’s art scene along with his thoughts about the nature of the medium itself (to April 24, 2016). Continue reading “Ugo Mulas “La Photographie””

The Spectacular Second Empire

A major exhibition—”Spectaculaire Second Empire, 1852-1870″— at the Musee d’Orsay celebrates the museum’s 30th anniversary (to January 15, 2017). It revisits a time when France was at its zenith with paintings, sculptures, photographs, architectural drawings, objets d’art and jewels depicting a brilliant era rich in contradictions.

The Second French Empire corresponds with the reign of Emperor Napoleon III (1852-1870)). Paris was the largest city in continental Europe and the center for finance, fashion and the arts. Beginning in 1853 Napoleon III and his prefect Georges-Eugene Haussaman, over the course of seventeen years, completely rebuilt the heart of the city, creating new boulevards its famous parks and train stations, giving the city its present appearance. In addition, Napoleon III completed the Louvre, built five new theaters and commissioned the Palais Garnier Paris Opera. Continue reading “The Spectacular Second Empire”

Land of Ice Revisited

Michel Rawicki’s  large  color  landscape photographs “L’Appel du Froid” are exhibited on the fence surrounding the Jardin du Luxembourg (until July 17, 2016). The photos of such places as Greenland, Canada, the Arctic and Antarctica— with informative captions and maps— are an invitation to contemplate the land of ice and the implications for global warming. Observing Rawicki’s haunting pictures of Greenland’s glaciers breaking apart becoming icebergs one is reminded of a sober ing speculation by scientists that “if the ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica were to collapse and melt entirely, the result would be a sea level rise of about 200 feet… Rawicki’s photos— that would be at home in any major photography gallery— are documentary style pictures capturing the people, animals and landscapes of the great north.

L’Appel du Froid, to July 17, Jardin du Luxembourg, rue de Medicis, 6e. Free admission. Lighted for night viewing.

Francois Kollar, a Working Eye

The Jeu de Paume hosts a retrospective of Francois Kollar’s photographs  (to May 22). Although little known outside the photo cognoscenti Kollar was among the most innovative and experimental of France’s commercial photographers during the 30’s and 40’s. Considered a French photographer Kollar— like many other important photographers such as Robert Capa and Brassai who made their careers in France —came here from Eastern Europe. Kollar moved to Paris from Hungary in 1924. He lived and worked the rest of his life in France until his death in 1979. Continue reading “Francois Kollar, a Working Eye”

Nicolas Clauss’ “Endless Portraits”

When most people think of computer generative images they think  of sci-fi special effects or arty over the top  ‘neo-baroque’ constructions. The beauty of French artist Nicolas Clauss’ digitally manipulated images is in their subtlety and how much they recall traditional photographic portraiture. He has made a series of portraits each from a couple of seconds of film made of people he has meet traveling around the world (Séoul, Sicile, Bangalore, New York …). Continue reading “Nicolas Clauss’ “Endless Portraits””