Bon Appetit!

With “Best Parisian Bistro Recipes for Food Lovers,” a book published by Parigramme—and clicking your ruby slippers three times— you can magically travel to Paris while learning to cook some French cuisine classics such as “Onion Soup,” “Endives with Ham” and “Crème Burlee.’

Bistros were born in Paris during the 19th century with an influx of workers coming to the city from the “campagne.” Bistros served moderately priced simple meals in a modest setting. They still do. These were French home-style foods such as cassoulet and bean stews. Legend has it that bistros developed out of the street-level kitchens of Parisian apartments where tenants paid both for room and board. Landlords eventually added to their income sharing their menus of “Beouf Bourguignon,” ” Choucroute” and “Coq au Vin” with the general public.

Bistros are among the things we love about the city… and possibly part of the inspiration for Ernest Hemingway to famously say: “There are only two places in the world where we can live happy; in our home and in Paris”

Bon Appetit!, Best Parisian Bistro Recipes for Food Lovers (Parigramme).