Shopping Parisian Style

Susan Tabak

Imagine a custom just-for-you shopping trip to Paris, following an elegant and chic woman dashing through the Paris streets, expertly guiding you and finding and navigating the most unusual, exclusive shops and greeting friends on every corner. You might imagine this woman a chic Parisian but actually she is what her Parisian friends call her “une personage”, she is American Susan Tabak, personal shopper and author of CHIC IN PARIS, Style Secrets & Best Addresses, which profiles eight of Paris’ most chic, iconic women such as Ines de la Fressange and  Loulou de la Falaise.

Susan’s expert advice comes at a day rate- her clients are businesswomen, socialites and princesses – but there is so much fashion advice and secret addresses in her gorgeous red crocodile covered book, you can get plenty of inspiration for your own shopping trips.

Susan likes to say, the most important key to that elusive Parisian style is to…”be yourself and have confidence – style is about your presence.” She adds with a chic laugh, Although, I do like my hair to be just right.”

A Francophile all her life, Susan is truly inspired by Paris – the art, architecture, cuisine – not just fashion.  “it’s the whole package that turns me on- I feel more like a woman in Paris- feminine – which naturally leads me to shop because I want to look my best.”

Here a selection of tips from the Parisian style Icons in Susan’s “little red book” :

How To Cultivate Individuality

Natalie Rykiel, boutique owner, daughter of Sonia Rykiel

“Look at yourself in the mirror alone. Look at what is good and learn to emphasize it in the best way possible. Have fun and love your self.”

Georgina Brandolini, designer, muse to Valentino

“Wear what you feel is good in even if it’s not the latest fashion.”

Mixing Styles

Ines de la Fressange, Karl Lagerfeld muse, Roger Vivier Ambassador
“I try not to get bored with clothes so I mix a lot of things and go against conventions.”

Spela Lenarcic, Design Consultant
“Mixing Balenciaga with vintage wearing Celine for a more sporty look. Most importantly, respect yourself. Sleep is the best beauty product.”

Mina Poe, designer, boutique owner
“Mixing and matching, use a lot of color and your imagination.”

Three Must-Haves

Marie-Helene de Taillac
“Beautiful lingerie that enhances your figure great shoes and of course jewelry.”

Loulou de la Falaise, YSL muse, boutique owner
“Black skinny trousers, a cashmere v-neck in a bright color and a black velvet jacket.”

Fashion Faux-Pas

Carole Rochas– Jewelry Designer
“Bad taste is wanting to be too fashionable, accumulating too many brands and wanting to look like someone you are not.”

Spela Lenarcic
“Poor taste is a woman who no longer tries or dares to express her personal style.  She has lost her curiosity and no longer cares about pleasing herself or others.”

Georgina Brandolini
“To wear the latest trend when it does not suit you.”

Marie-Helene de Taillac
“The worst thing is to be dressed from head to tow in the same designer.”

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