In a Paris Moment

Following in the footsteps of the great classic 35mm photographers Meredith Mullins has just come out with a new book on Paris, which captures the city in timeless tones of black-and-white. The book is an artfully presented collection of photographs and stories that capture the essence of Paris.

“I wanted to share the beauty, humor, rhythms, and characters that are so much a part of Parisian life,” Ms. Mullins said. “It’s a book for everyone, but particularly for people who love Paris or those who dream of going.”  In A Paris Moment includes stories about Paris and a special section of travel notes. “It’s not just an art book or a travel book,” Ms. Mullins said. “It’s a book of life stories, both visual and written.”

Describing her approach to taking pictures, “It’s about the moment. It’s about telling a story and it’s about making a connection. I take pictures of things that move me, make me laugh or surprise me.” What I love about being a photographer is that it heightens your senses. You are always looking, seeing more than most folks who are hurrying by. It also builds a bridge for that connection with people. You reach out. Many of the relationships I have built in Paris, started with a photograph. I introduce myself with my camera.”

“Sometimes I see things that are graphically beautiful, but the image needs some activity, some humanity. A decisive moment (as Cartier-Bresson used to say). Then, I wait. I don’t mind. I have no sense of urgency as I often did with my job. It’s very freeing. Zen and the art of waiting. And, when the “moment” actually does come it’s very satisfying.”

In Paris the book is available at Shakespeare and Company, The Red Wheelbarrow, The Abbey Bookshop, W.H. Smith, Galignani, and Village Voice. It can be ordered at