Jazzy Dance Rendez Vous

Chanson, tap dance, joie de vivre with a Frenchy jazzy cabaret on a barge on the Seine in central Paris? Sounds good to us!  Check out the “Parisian Time Step” show–July 28 and August 04, 2024– from tap dancer Ruby Boukabou and singer/ dancer Wendy Lee Taylor (Lido de Paris) with piano by Philippe Petit and Cédric Caullaud on double bass. The show is a fun celebration of Paris, music and tap dance where the audience time travels back to the Belle Epoque with its cheeky polkas; 1930s music halls and smokey 1940s-50s Saint Germain jazz bars. Continue reading “Jazzy Dance Rendez Vous”

Half An Hour From Paris

Many guides claim to be for and by insiders, but this one truly is. Annabel Simms—living in Paris since 1991—delights in exploring the Paris countryside by train and sharing  ideas with her friends for discovering little-known travel gems. This summer she updated  the book with two new chapters including Brunoy and the Parc Saint-Cloud, while adding color photos and maps. Her previous book “An Hour From Paris” is a long-time favorite for both visitors and ex-pats. Continue reading “Half An Hour From Paris”

Voilà, a new vegan cookbook

“Voilà Vegan,” written by an American expat patissière in Paris, is a new cookbook on plant-based deserts. The author, Amanda Bankert (a Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef) has taken up the challenge —some might say quixotic—of convincing Parisians that vegan pastries (sans butter and eggs) are as tasty as traditional French patisseries. “When I was studying pastry at Le Cordon Bleu, flaxseed eggs and aqua-faba were not included on the syllabus.” says Bankert. “Yet, in a country that reveres butter and cream, my little vegan bakery is frequently included in lists of Paris’ top pastry destinations.” Continue reading “Voilà, a new vegan cookbook”

The Glow of Paris

“The Glow of Paris, the bridges of Paris at night, ” by Gary Zuercher featuring stunning black and white photos in the Ansel Adams tradition, is a real gem. Shooting in the large-format film tradition, the photographer brings to life the city’s storied bridges.  “I thought this would be a one-year project” says Zuercher. “In fact, it took more than five years to complete. And in reality it may never end because there is always another inspiring view to be found and photographed.”

Continue reading “The Glow of Paris”

Canal Saint-Martin

Canal St Martin © Atherton

With its swinging footbridges and tree-lined quais teeming with people on long hot summer afternoons, the Canal Saint-Martin is yet another example of how appealing Paris is when it lives up to its clichés. Rooted in the city’s industrial past, today the canal offers plenty of opportunities for biking, sightseeing, and enjoying Parisian life at its most relaxed.

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36 Hours in Paris

Ruby Boukabou with her Paris notebook

Only in Paris for a few days and overwhelmed by the options? Follow this suggested itinerary for an unforgettable trip. The following is an extract from Ruby Boukabou’s “The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris” (White Owl Books), a fabulous new guide book catering to both armchair travelers dreaming of a future visit and those lucky enough to actually get to Paris during these troubled pandemic times. Available worldwide. More info and online orders at www.rubytv.net/books . Continue reading “36 Hours in Paris”

Robert Ryman at l’Orangerie

“Robert Ryman. Act of Looking” Musée de l’Orangerie

The “Robert Ryman. Act of Looking” exhibition at Paris’ Musée de l’Orangerie revisits the artist’s minimalist white on white paintings (until July 01, 2024). Quintessentially art for art’s sake, people either love or hate this kind of work. Ryman (1930-2019) is a self-taught American painter, who began working in New York in the late 1950’s. He spent most of his career exploring the foundations of painting. Returning to the formula of the white square time after time — which he chose for its neutrality— he explored all the material components of a painting from texture, to surface to lighting and hanging systems. Continue reading “Robert Ryman at l’Orangerie”