Delights and Disasters of Making My Paris Home

“After a decade of living in Paris, it was time to make my dream come true: To own my own home in Paris, complete with my dream kitchen…” says author David Lebovitz discussing his new book “L’appart: The Delights and Disasters of Making My Paris Home.” Little did he know before embarking on this adventure that he would soon come face to face with France’s famed mind boggling red tape and quirky cultural idiosyncrasies that are challenging to even the most ardent anglo francophile.

But Lebovitz takes it all in stride sharing his tale with humorous observations on French culture, food and expat life. For seasoning he throws in two dozen delightful French-inspired recipes along the way.

Before coming to Paris Lebovitz had been a professional cook and baker in California. He spent nearly thirteen years at Berkeley’s Chez Panisse before leaving the restaurant business in 1999 to write full time. Since then, he has written six books, including “My Paris Kitchen,” “The Perfect Scoop” and “The Sweet Life in Paris.”

David says he perfected his French “through dealings with his local chocolatier.” And he says he knows which marché sells the ripest strawberries. “All that’s left to do is build that perfect Paris kitchen.” He thought what could possibly go wrong? The answer to that question and how David learns the meaning of the French word “débrouille” —what the French call “system D”— is both entertaining and educational. ”L’Appart” is recommended reading for anyone planing to buy a home in France.

The author will discuss and sign his book (April 4, 7:30PM) at the American Library in Paris, 10 rue General Camou, Paris, 7e. His blog is at