Paintings in Proust

This new book by Eric Karpeles is a visual companion to Marcel Proust’s monumental twentieth century work  “In Search of Lost Time,” one of the most expansive literary creations ever written. It celebrates the close relationship between the visual and literary arts in Proust’s masterpiece. Author Eric Karpeles has combined his experiences as painter and writer to create a lavishly illustrated book that illuminates the winding corridors of Proust’s labyrinthine masterpiece.

With accompanying texts drawn from the Moncrieff/Kilmartin/Enright translation of “In Search of Lost Time”, this book is an essential addition to the libraries of Proustians worldwide and a handsome volume in its own right. For newcomers to Proust’s work, “Paintings in Proust” functions as a complementary guidebook, providing a firmer ground from which to undertake the task of plunging into a novel famously known for its complexity and its length. At the same time, the book offers further nourishment to seasoned Proustian readers

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