English-speaking Paris

Andrew Kearney’s “Mechanism” is a solo installation exhibition at the Irish Cultural Center to June 18, 2017. Kearney creates installations using sculpture, light, photography, sound, and technology that are usually site specific.  For more than two decades Kearney has created large-scale conceptual installations that examine the themes of personal history and identity and how architecture and constructed environments are used and experienced.  At the Centre Culturel Irlandais, 5, rue des Irlandais 75005 Paris

Paris actress Vivienne Vermes impersonates Queen Elizabeth II discussing BREXIT. The spoof was written and acted by Vermes and filmed by friends using a Samsung 6. Very drole… check her out //www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSy8iAbk6kI

Laughing Matters Presents funny man  Dan Antopolski in La Chapelle des Lombards 19, rue de Lappe Paris 11 Tuesday 24th April 8-30pm (tickets 20€ / 15€ students and card holders or via comedy@anythingmatters.com

Author Will Englund discusses his book “March 1917: On the Brink of War and Revolution” Tuesday May 02, 7:30PM. Pulitzer, Polk, and Overseas Press Club Award–winning journalist Will Englund was a recent Moscow correspondent for The Washington Post and has spent a total of twelve years reporting from Russia. At the American Library in Paris, 10, rue du General Camou, Paris 75007.

Documentary screening of City of Dreams. Director Steve Faigenbaum will screen his film City of Dreams, about the rise and fall of Detroit as one of the great industrial cities of the U.S Wednesday May 03, 7:30PM at the American Library in Paris, 10, rue du General Camou, Paris 75007.

The Tower Theatre Company returns to Paris performing “Much Ado About Nothing” by William Shakespeare (June 6 – 11, 2017)  at the Théâtre de Verdure, Jardin Shakespeare, Pré Catelan, Bois de Boulogne. More information in English and French about performances, on-line booking instructions and directions to the theatre are also available at //www.towertheatre.org.uk/index.htm

Book Events Shakespeare Mark O’Connell discusses transhumanism and his new book “To Be a Machine” (Tuesday 25th April 7pm). What is transhumanism? Simply put, it is a movement whose aim is to use technology to fundamentally change the human condition, to improve our bodies and minds to the point where we become something other, and better, than the animals we are. It’s a philosophy that, depending on how you look at it, can seem hopeful, or terrifying, or absurd. In “To Be a Machine, Mark O’Connell” presents us with the first full-length exploration of transhumanism: its philosophical and scientific roots, its key players and possible futures. From charismatic techies seeking to enhance the body to immortalists who believe in the possibility of ‘solving’ death; from computer programmers quietly re-designing the world to vast competitive robotics conventions; “To Be a Machine” is an Adventure in Wonderland for our time. Shakespeare and Co, 37, rue du la Bucherie, Paris 75005

A Celebration of “Nairn’s Paris” with Andrew Hussey who has written a new introduction to this classic guide to Paris. (Thursday 27th April). Out of print since 1968, this is a unique guidebook from the late, great architectural writer, Ian Nairn. Illustrated with the author’s black and white snaps of the city, Nairn gives his readers an idiosyncratic and unpretentious portrait of the ‘collective masterpiece’ that is Paris. This guidebook shows his eye for detail – whether it is architectural stonework on an archway, shadows cast by a railing, or an empty chair in a Paris park. Nairn encourages the reader to find their own Paris beneath the glossy surface – more than a guidebook, this is an inimitable journey of discovery in finding the hidden delights of the city, in first hardback edition ever published. Shakespeare and Co, 37, rue du la Bucherie, Paris 75005

Moving Parts play readings in English: Gail Noyer,  “Voltaire’s Revolution” (April 23);  Alan Wagner, “80s Alive”  (May 7); Patti Cassidy, “Unmasked” (May 21); Charles Borkhuis “Flipperman” (June 18); Stuart Caldwell, “Perfect Women” (July 2).  All readings at 7:30PM, City27 at 27 cité industrielle, 75011 Paris. Métro : Voltaire. Info contact Stephanie : movingpartsparis@gmail.com