In Praise of Joy

This is a collection of essays dedicated to Paris’ most written about expat. Over the past 25 years, Jim Haynes has become famous for his Sunday night dinners, a modern-day take on the “salon” concept where artists, writers and intellectuals mingle over a plate of hot food and a glass of wine. Culture has always been central to Haynes’ life and since leaving the United States in the 1950s, he has, among other things, started the Traverse Theatre, participated in creating the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, launched several magazines and been awarded the Whitbread prize. These essays, written by friends and colleagues, capture perfectly his way of life and involvement in the arts as well as his love of people and gift for friendship. In addition to the essays, the book also includes a selection of personal photographs, drawings and letters documenting Haynes unusual existence.  Reviewed by Alice Quillet

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